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About us

Are you looking for reliable resource to decide volunteering in Nepal? If so, you are in the right place now. This website provides a lot of articles, blogs, volunteering impact reports, success stories and links to the volunteer projects. When you search volunteer opportunities in Nepal, you may find thousands of search results pointing to various volunteering and internship websites. This may create so much confusion in you and other readers. To make a right decision on volunteering based on internet is not an easy tasks in the recent days.


We therefore have created this website to provide accurate, reliable resources on volunteering & internship. We invite all interested people who have experience on voluntary work and want to help promote ethical volunteering may write resourceful articles, experiences, volunteering stories, volunteering impacts on this website.


At VIN we believe that everyone can contribute something to the communities in need. The form of contribution may vary. Volunteering is one of the best way to experience real life situation of the people in need. There is no need to have certain skills. Anyone can volunteer. It’s just a matter of finding the right volunteer projects around you. If you are looking for volunteer abroad, you may need some skills and qualities based on the project you choose to get involved. People who do not have time to volunteer can donate anything access they have. May it be monetary or kind donation or even a piece of advice may change a life positively forever. So be the change you want to see in the world.


At the moment, we have posted reports (volunteers’ impact in the community), articles, blogs, project details provided by our returned and current volunteers. In the future however we will allow any third party to post their resources related to volunteering, internship, society, women, child care, total sanitation, economy etc.


Thank you for reading this website. If you have any feedback to improve this site, please let us know. If you like any articles, pages of this website, please share on your social media. Thank you once again and happy volunteering.