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At the end I’m leaving for Nepal too

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My name is Silvia and I’m 28 years old… But it’s been since I was 25 that I dream to go to Nepal as a volunteer.
I’ve been twice in Tanzania for volunteering and it was my best experience of my life.  First time in 2014, second time in 2015. Later I thought I wanted to know a new continent . Asia, why not? I have searched many countries and my favorite is Nepal!

When in 2015 there was the earthquake I thought to go to Nepal to help, but I could not because of my job.  Three years later here I am! I’m organizing my departure for Katmandu. I believe each of us can do a lot with little. For that reason I’m here to ask a little help. Do you want to support the project? I will teach to many children less lucky and underprivileged because of castes or other motivations. We need material for games and primary resources for schools. Development and Play are rights of all world’s children. The name of the Project is “Early Childhood Development”.
Child Development is one of the major programs of VIN’s integrated Community Development Approach. To protect the rights of all children in the Jiptur community by:
Providing them with access to quality basic education
Developing their life skills
Providing access to health services (through our community health program).
If you want to know more about the Project and VIN you can look here https://www.volunteersinitiativenepal.org

I will take part of the project from 1 September to 28 September and I will work 5 days a week and 5 hours a day. I want to do my best!
It will be fantastic to take part all together to the Project, it will be for me like to bring each of you in my new experience.

Volunteering changes completely you inside. It’s not just you who change, but you can see that each of us in our small way can change things, and bring a smile in a person in the opposite side of the world. Not only going in Asia or Africa. I’m sure that your help from your home will make happy each child… Maybe you can send here ( silvia.corio@yahoo.it ), after donation, a picture of you and a written thought for them. I will show with love. I understand that children love to see who helps them, I think this makes them more happy than the help itself.

I really believe safety in numbers!

I will update pictures and news for you… Thank you so much to all!

I can’t wait





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