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Lucky Lucky Gary! Teaching in Nepal

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Hi everyone – Gary here with some news that may well surprise or even shock people who know me.
I am returning to teaching! but this time in Nepal, teaching younger kids subjects I have never taught before. Am I completely insane? Well almost! What I am is extremely lucky. Lucky to be able to volunteer my time; lucky to have friends and family who are totally behind me in this venture and lucky as an older volunteer to have had so many years working with children and consequently so much experience to draw from. I also lucky to have won the lottery by being born into a relatively wealthy and secure society and now I feel it is payback time!

Gary's familyI will be teaching kids caught up in the devastating earthquake of 25th April, 2015 in Nepal. The situation there is still desperate. There were over 8500 deaths, over 600,000 houses destroyed meaning that 1.7 million children have been directly affected losing parents, homes and classrooms or through malnutrition, poor hygiene and sanitation and disrupted education. Consequently, I have applied for and have been accepted as a volunteer ‘Teacher for earthquake affected children’ at a school in Thankot near Kathmandu in Nepal.
They are still in need of our urgent support and I was hoping that you might help the charity ‘Volunteers Initiative Nepal‘ by contributing any amount, big or small, to help provide resources for the school to improve the lives of the affected children. Again, I am lucky to be able to finance my own flights and board so all monies donated will go directly to the charity and not me. Simply follow the ‘Donate Now’ link below so that you can easily contribute via Paypal.

I leave the UK for Kathmandu on February 28th 2016 for two months. I don’t know what to expect but I will keep you all posted with regular updates, photos and video of my latest adventure. Can’t wait – Lucky old me!


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