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Teaching Aid in a Buddhist Monastery, Nepal

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Hi, I’m Maria and this is my story…

Originally I’m from Slovakia but last year I got accepted to the University in the UK. Some people refer to it as lucky or as a result of hard work but I usually explain it in terms of the availability of relevant opportunities to study (especially English language).


For many people in developed countries it is taken for granted being able to study a foreign language and thus being able to communicate with people all around the world. However, there are still parts of the world where people do not have such oportunities despite their willingness. One such place is a Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. I felt that it is not fair that I got some things served on a silver plate whereas some people are still denied knowledge just because of a lack of money.


Therefore I have decided to help children in Nepal by voluntarily teaching for a month (August/September 2011) basics of English as well as other subjects (sciences, maths, computing, etc.). This will help them to connect with the other parts of the world and share their culture and secular knowledge which is so different from our Western one.


As I will be teaching for no money reward I have to collect money to buy a flight ticket and pay for some expenses I will face there. Therefore I would like to kindly ask you to help me cover those expenses and thus help children in Nepal to gain access to things we often take for granted- education. Any amount will be highly appreciated!


While in Nepal I will be posting updates about my stay and pictures regularly so you will be able to check how your donation has contributed. Your name will also appear on my blog as a part of the ‘Thank-you’ list.

Here is a brief list of my calculated expenses:

Flight ticket 1100 euro

Visa, vaccination + administrative expenses  200 euro

Month of staying 500 euro

As you can see, overall it will cost me almost 2000. I am spending all my savings (500 Euro) on this but I still need to raise the rest. Without raising this amount of money I will not be able to provide the help that is so much needed in Nepal. So please, take a while to think about this and if you have any questions or comments or you would like to send the money directly to my Slovakian account do not hesitate to send me an email: holcekova.maria@gmail.com


Let me also know if you have any English books/ textbooks you don’t need.


Thank you very much!



Raised so far: 284 Euro


Thank you for donation:


Richard Baranyi

Jan Hermann

Liam Hark

Stefan Hassler

Todd Shore

Jacob Perry

Sarah Grimshaw

Aleksandra Kuta

Sophie McElhill

Ivan Pozel

Mukti Limbu

Kristina Marquardt

Adam Ambrus

Lyndsey Coyne

Slavomir Hitka

Ivana Mandalova

Lukas Gregorovic

Lukas Holcek

Veronika Alaksova

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