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What Will the Children of Nepal Teach Me?

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I welcome readers of all ages, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds to join me in this journey to Nepal so we can learn together how tolerance, love, and compassion can bring healing to the world as a whole.

In October 2017, I will be leaving the comforts of my home in midwest Indiana to learn about the lives of those living in a country where they have electricity only eight hours a day and limited hot water for bathing every few days. Why would I choose this place, of all the places in the world, to give of my time and resources?  Because I was called to do so.

When I get a calling so clear and specific, I cannot ignore it. I was looking for a monastery in the states who needed volunteers a few weeks out of the year but every monastery I contacted led me to Nepal in one way or another.

So, what’s in Nepal? This is where many children are living who are in Exile from their homeland of Tibet. Most of these children have left their families in order to have the opportunity for a better life, better education, and to be able to learn and practice their religion without fear of retribution. The Dalia Lama set up a school in Katmandu for the children from Tibet to have a place to live, learn, and practice their faith. I want to practice with them! I want to live with the monks and nuns. I want to practice my faith with those who can teach me so much more than I will ever learn here in the comforts of my own hometown.

As October approaches, I will be blogging more about the upcoming trip and the needs of the Nepalese people. I am hoping my readers will be called to help support this endeavor and donate to the cause. We will be doing a fundraiser in the summertime to help raise money to help cover misc. costs of being away from work for 8-12 weeks. And during this blog, there will be opportunities for you to donate to help cover the costs of housing and food while I am away.

When I return, I will continue the blog and show pictures of how your money helped those in need in a third world country.

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