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volunteering impact 2010

volunteering program

VIN Volunteering Program: 2010

VIN has been mobilizing international and local volunteers in its various programs, helping make a sustainable difference and improve the lives of Nepali people in the most disadvantaged communities. VIN has altogether 108 volunteering...

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women empowerment program

Women’s Empowerment Project: 2010

VIN’s Women’s Empowerment Program is one of the major components including three different sectors – Micro– credit, Income Generation and Women’s Education. The microcredit program supports local women to form saving and credit co-operatives...

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income generation program

Income Generation: Agriculture: 2010

For the income generation through agriculture projects, we selected three different sub sectors as; vegetable production (seasonal and off seasonal types), mushroom production and goat rearing. Vegetable farming The vegetable farming program engaged 22...

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youth development

Youth Development Program: 2010

Youth empowerment is a key task of VIN’s work, with the goal of empowering young people in Jitpur through education on their rights and life skills, creating career development opportunities and encouraging volunteerism. VIN...

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